Add a Smile Makeover to Your Holiday Wishlist

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It’s common for friends and family to ask: what’s on your Christmas list this year? When loved ones are shopping for holiday gifts, they want to make sure their purchases align with the needs and wants of the recipient. One thing you might add to your holiday wishlist is a smile makeover.

Even if no one is going to gift you a smile makeover, why not treat yourself during this holiday season? You’ve wanted a beautiful, confident smile for a while. So it makes sense to invest in your dental health so that you have a smile that you can share with everyone you meet.

Customized Smile Makeover for Your Unique Needs

What are your cosmetic goals for your smile makeover plan? Each person is different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for cosmetic dentistry.

The best thing you can do is schedule a consultation to learn more about the many available options. First, our dental team will talk to you about your preferences and goals. Then, we will help you pick the ideal services that will create a natural-looking smile that shines.

Keep reading to learn more about popular cosmetic dentistry treatments and how they improve your life:

Teeth Whitening: Add a Bit of Sparkle in Your Life

You are having fun lighting up the tree and putting lights on the house. So why not make your smile sparkle at the same time? Teeth whitening offers immediate benefits. Not only will it make your smile brighter, but it is also affordable and simple.

This treatment only takes about an hour. When you walk out of our office, you will be more confident in sharing your smile with others because it is bright and inviting. Teeth whitening is a great way to make your smile sparkle every time someone sees your teeth. Plus, professional whitening services protect your teeth and minimize discomfort (such as tooth sensitivity).

Fillings and Crowns: Trimming the Tree and Your Smile

When you pull out the Christmas décor, do you notice that some of these items look worn and tired? After using them for years, it’s normal to need a refresh with new decorations. Your teeth are the same way. Over time, discoloration, wear, and tear can start to take a toll on your overall appearance.

Are there any aesthetic issues that are affecting your smile? Then talk to a cosmetic dentist about options to fix these problems. Not only do they offer a solution to upgrade your appearance, but these treatments can also have a positive benefit for your dental health and function at the same time.

A porcelain crown is an excellent solution when a big tooth restoration is needed. This treatment helps to stabilize the tooth and strengthen the remaining structure.

Another option for improving the appearance of your teeth is to use tooth-colored fillings. These composite materials blend with the natural color of your teeth and can be used to fix various types of damage: cavity fillings, cracks, chips, and broken pieces. In addition to repairing problems, composite fillings are also great to improve the overall appearance of the teeth by correcting misshapen teeth or closing small gaps between the teeth.

Full Upgrade: Veneers for a Smile Makeover

Do you want a complete smile makeover? Then veneers might be the right treatment for your needs. There are many different restorative treatments to choose from, but veneers tend to be the simplest and most effective for addressing different types of cosmetic concerns.

Not only are veneers comfortable. But they are also natural-looking and a fast way to create a flawless smile. If you want to create a celebrity smile, then veneers are a great option to consider.

Dental veneers are custom-designed to match your unique features. Our team designs the ideal appearance to create the perfect color, length, shape, and size for each tooth. These thin shells are bonded to the front of your teeth, creating a seamless and beautiful smile.

Invisalign: Like Having a Pre-lit Tree

Are you worried about the visible appearance of wires on your tree when you put up the lights? It’s fun to see the tree lit up at night, but the wires are always more noticeable when you hang them by yourself.

Invisalign is like having a pre-lit tree. Instead of wearing visible wires and brackets on your teeth, you can gain the benefits of orthodontics using invisible aligners. A series of clear trays carefully move your teeth into alignment, and you don’t need to worry about the cosmetic concerns of traditional braces on your teeth.

One benefit of Invisalign is how this treatment works for your lifestyle. For example, you can remove the aligners as needed to eat your favorite foods. You should wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day for optimal results. Also, follow your dentist’s specific instructions and always use the aligner sets in order.

Long-Term Benefits of Your Smile Makeover

The benefits are undeniable: a smile makeover makes a big difference in your confidence and appearance. If you want to boost your self-esteem, it makes sense to create a smile that you are happy to share with everyone you meet.

Instead of spending money on “stuff” this holiday season, why not put that cash into the cosmetic dental services you’ve always wanted? Our team is here to help with your customized treatment plan. We offer a variety of services and personalized treatments for every patient who walks through the door.

With a smile makeover, we have two goals. First, we are looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of your smile. At the same time, we are also considering how these treatments can improve the function, strength, and durability of your teeth. Long-term dental health is always a priority to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible.

When you are ready to learn more about a smile makeover, reach out to our team for support. Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Las Colinas is here to help with your smile upgrade, general dentistry, and more. Call to book your appointment and visit with an experienced dentist.