A Cavity Free Halloween

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Halloween is just a few short days away, and you know what that means: candy, candy, and more candy. A favorite holiday of the young and old alike, Halloween is notoriously a cavity-inducing holiday. This joyful time of year is undoubtedly packed with parties, the fun of dressing up, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating, of course. For many kids, Halloween is the ultimate holiday – because of both the dressing up and the candy. The steady flow of treats starts well before Halloween, as many stores start stocking the shelves with candy corn and all the other goodies well before October. This combined with the sugar-filled bag your kiddo is bound to bring home Tuesday night after going door-to-door dressed as Batman or the latest Lego star is a potential nightmare for their oral health.

So, how do you keep the fun in Halloween, without the cavities? Our team of Las Colinas dental experts are here to help you stay healthy this holiday season. While it can be tempting to binge on Snickers, Kit-Kats, and all the other sugary treats, it is important for your teeth, gums, mouth, and overall health to only indulge in moderation. We know it is unrealistic to think you can keep your kids 100% candy-free, but here are a few tips to keep those cavities at bay this Halloween season:

  • Choose smarter treat options – Newsflash – not all candy is created equal. Believe it or not, but there are better candy options than others. Sticky candy (this includes toffees and hard candies) should be avoided if possible, as they tend to stick around a lot longer in the mouth. Plain chocolate and simpler candy options are a much better choice.


  • Stay away from constant snacking – We all have a weakness for candy corn, but do your best to avoid constantly stuffing your mouth with these bite-sized treats. It can be especially tempting for children to keep going back to their candy basket, but if you can control how much – and when – they are eating their sweet treats, you both will be better off.


  • Go through the candy – When your child comes home with their Halloween night haul, try and go through it with them before they dive in. This will allow you to take out some of the pieces that are worse for their teeth, while still leaving a good amount of sugary snacks they can devour.


  • Think about the candy you are handing out – Halloween night is a two way street – you can’t get upset at what your child brings home if you are handing out the typical options yourself. Consider mixing it up and throwing in some stickers, temporary tattoos, and the likes, instead of strictly candy.

As an Irving family dentistry clinic, we want to make sure your entire family has a happy and healthy mouth. We understand how difficult this can be to maintain during the holidays – especially Halloween – but we hope the above tips provide you with a bit more guidance. If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment for you or your kids, please do not hesitate to contact us today!