Is Coffee Really Bad for My Teeth?

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We’ve all heard it before – coffee doesn’t just give you bad breath, it stains your teeth. As much as we would like to tell you this isn’t true, the fact of the matter it is. Coffee is one of the most harmful substances for your teeth and can have a lasting impact. Even people who drink just one cup of coffee a week can experience staining and other harmful repercussions. According to a recent study, Americans consume a shocking 400 million cups of coffee every single day. While many people think they need the caffeine boost to function, is it really worth the toll it’s taking on your teeth? For those who were oblivious to the negative impact coffee can have on their teeth, thankfully there is a wide range of whitening options that can turn back time and make your pearly whites, well, white again. The best way to maintain that beautiful white smile is undoubtedly to stay away from harmful substances like coffee, but if the damage has already be done, we encourage you to contact us for information about our Irving teeth whitening services.

How Does Coffee Affect My Teeth?

 For many of you, we know simply saying coffee is bad and will stain your teeth isn’t enough information. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to look at what it is, exactly, about coffee that stains your teeth. Here are a few of the ways coffee is negatively affecting your teeth:

  • Coffee is full of staining tannins – While most people associate tannins with red wine, these substances are also found in coffee. For those that don’t know, tannins are a type of polyphenol that is broken down in water. When this happens the color compounds have a greater chance of latching onto your teeth. Our teeth are particularly susceptible to staining from tannins because they aren’t smooth, meaning they have a greater chance of holding onto food and drink particles.
  • Coffee causes acid to form in the mouth – Unfortunately, water is the only beverage we consume that won’t cause harm to our teeth. Every single other beverage – including coffee – causes the natural bacteria that live in your mouth to create acids that are then harmful to the teeth.
  • Dr.inking coffee can actually make you clench your teeth and jaw – Newsflash: coffee has caffeine in it. While this is surely why we love it so much, it is also what gives us the jitters and makes our heart race. For some people, this may also result in the clenching of the teeth or jaw, which can have lasting harmful effects on the teeth.

These are just a few ways coffee can stain and do other harm to your teeth. We aren’t saying you need to give up that cup of Joe altogether, just be a little smarter about your coffee consumption. We recommend not drinking more than two cups of coffee a day to minimize damage, although even just one cup can have an impact. Here are a few other quick tips to help those coffee lovers still get their fix, without harming the teeth forever:

  • Skip the sugar and cream
  • your coffee through a straw
  • your coffee in one sitting, rather than throughout the day
  • Eat before drinking coffee to stop damage
  • Brush your teeth as soon as you are done to get rid of any unwanted tannins and bacteria

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