The cost of not replacing a missing tooth

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Many times, people make the big mistake of avoiding the dentist for a problem they are experiencing because they think that they are going to be saving themselves time, money, and pain. The ugly truth is that avoiding going to the dentist or prolonging an oral issue you are experiencing almost always results in having to spend more time, more money, and experience more pain in the long run when you finally decide to go. One of the biggest issues that people avoid going to the dentist for is a missing tooth.

The cause of a missing tooth can vary; typically, it is a consequence of tooth decay and improper oral care such as a lack of regular flossing, brushing, and checkups at your dentist. Another common cause is injury or a sports-related accident. Regardless of the cause, it is always important to see your dentist as soon as you can after experiencing the loss of a tooth. Even if the consequences do not come immediately, they will show up later and will especially have a negative effect on your mouth in the long run. There are various costs of not replacing a missing tooth, so let’s see what they are…

#1 Increased risk of oral diseases

The tooth acts as a sort of protector for the gums. Once it is gone, that soft and sensitive area of the gum is then exposed to bacteria that cause things like gum disease and other oral complications. These bacteria or infections are highly likely to spread to other areas of the mouth, which can then lead to further tooth loss, etc.

#2 Impediment of speech

We use our teeth to help us with the pronunciation of our words – they help aid our tongue in forming various words and sounds in our language. When you are missing a tooth it will very likely affect the way you sound when you speak. It will have a negative impact on your attempt to pronounce words and articulate, and one of the most common results of this is the development of a lisp.

#3 Negative impact on facial aesthetics

The most obvious impact that a missing tooth will have on your aesthetics is your smile, which is typically one of our most prominent and influential features. If you are missing a tooth, you will likely feel embarrassed to smile, and not being able to smile could have a huge overall effect on your happiness. Another impact is on your facial structure. Our jaw significantly affects how our face is built and looks, and a missing tooth can lead to the shifting of other teeth, which can end up affecting the majority structure of our face.

#4 Bone Loss

When natural roots are no longer existent in that part of the jawbone, it can also lead to the loss of even more teeth over time. Bone loss is nothing to be taken lightly.

#5 Troubles with chewing

Obviously one of our teeth’s biggest roles is in aiding how we chew our food. You will be limited in the types of foods you can eat, and overall the lack of the proper ability to chew will affect your body’s overall digestive process. This leads to malnutrition and bodily discomfort.

What should you do about it?

The unfortunate truth is that the only option to avoid high costs, a lot of time, and a lot of pain is to take care of your missing tooth as soon as possible. If you are looking for a trusted and caring Irving dentist, here at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we can help. Let our team help to answer your questions about tooth loss and help you find the right solution. Contact us today and let us do what we do to keep you and your family smiling.