How do dental implants work?

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For a long time, the only available options for people who were missing teeth were either bridges or dentures. But now, fortunately, there is another option available for those who are missing teeth. What is this other option you ask? Dental implants. And in this post, we are going to tell you a little bit more information about dental implants. So, your first question may be, what exactly are dental implants? Well, dental implants are little devices that are implanted in the mouth, by your Las Colinas dentist, as tooth/root replacements. These implants are used to provide a strong hold for removable tooth replacement attachments to later be placed into the mouth. These tooth replacements are of course made to best match your natural teeth and give the appearance of a normal and natural smile.

Let’s talk about the advantages of dental implants…

There are a lot of reasons why people are now choosing dental implants over the other older methods, so let’s dive into what some of them are.

  • Improvement of appearance

Dental implants are made especially to look more like your natural teeth. And not only will you find that they will look more similar to your normal teeth, but they will feel more normal as well. The way that the implants are designed closely resembles the natural design and structure of your normal teeth.

  • Improvement of comfort

Because the implants are designed to closely resemble the natural design and structure of your normal teeth, they will also be much more comfortable than removable dentures.

  • Improvement of speech

With teeth, such as removable dentures, that are not implanted firmly into the mouth, the result can be slipping of the dentures, causing you to fail in the pronunciation of your words. With dental implants, the firm natural placement will allow you to continue speaking normally.

  • Improvement in ease of eating

Because dental implants so closely resemble the firm structure of your normal teeth, you will have much more ease in eating than with slipping dentures.

  • Improved durability

Because of the design and structure of dental implants, they are made to last. If you take care of your dental implants, they can even last a lifetime.

  • Improvement in self-esteem

Because dental implants so closely resemble your natural smile, you will feel comfortable and confident with them. The way they feel, and the way they look can increase your self-esteem substantially.

  • More convenient

Having to take your removable dentures in and out of your mouth, as well as mess around with applying sticky adhesives in order to keep them in place, can become quite a hassle. With dental implants, care and management becomes normal again, as this method is permanent.

So, how do dental implants work?

Now that you know the advantages, you may be highly considering getting dental implants for yourself, in which case, you may also be wondering how exactly they work. Well, here is how…

First… A small tapered post made of titanium is placed into the jawbone via a surgical process (to imitate the tooth’s natural root that would normally hold it in place).

Second… Over time, as you begin to heal, the post that was placed in your mouth will begin to naturally fuse with your actual jawbone. This can take a few weeks or up to a few months.

Third… After the implanted posts have fused with the jawbone, an abutment (connector) is then attached to the top of the dental implant.

Fourth… The replacement tooth is then connected to the abutment and post, firmly in place, creating a natural feel and look for you and your smile.

If you have more questions about dental implants in Las Colinas, here at Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, our team can help you out. Contact us today, and let us help you to keep on smiling.