Why You Should Never Skip A Dental Cleaning

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Most people know that they should be brushing at least twice daily as well as flossing daily. However, many people don’t know that their bi-annual dental cleaning in Irving is a priority as well. Going to see your dentist for a professional cleaning twice a year is just as important for your dental health as is your daily routine. There are just certain things that your dentist can do with special tools that you can’t and that are a necessity for healthy and clean teeth.

#1 To prevent tooth decay

Getting your teeth cleaned is a necessity in order for your dentist to catch tooth decay in its earliest stages. If your dentist is able to fill the cavity while it is still small it will save you time, money, and pain. If you wait too long, the tooth decay can spread and cause more cavities and dental problems. Your dentist will be able to remove plaque that you can’t and this will keep your teeth healthier and cleaner and prevent disease.

#2 To prevent, catch, and treat gum disease

A very important reason to see your dentist for a cleaning is to prevent, catch or treat gum disease in its earlier stages. Your dentist will be able to detect early signs of gum disease and address it before it leads to bone and tooth loss.

#3 To keep your smile bright

Getting your teeth cleaned will help to keep your smile bright. By removing tough plaque and naturally occurring stains from certain foods and drinks like coffee and red wine, you will have a prettier and brighter smile.

#4 To check for oral cancer

Your dentist will check your teeth for more than plaque during your dental cleaning in Irving, he will also examine you for any signs of oral cancer. This is extremely important to catch it in the earlier stages and seeing your dentist twice a year will ensure you do.

#5 To keep your breath fresh

When plaque builds up on your teeth, so does bacteria. Bottom line, bacteria and plaque lead to smelly breath. Keeping your teeth clean will ensure you have fresher breath.

#6 To maintain your overall health

Your oral health is very closely related to your overall health. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy helps to ensure you are healthier.

#7 To save yourself money and time

If you are seeing your dentist twice a year for a dental cleaning you will likely save yourself time, money, and effort in the future. Not seeing your dentist every six months can lead to plaque buildup, cavities, and other oral issues that will be much more extensive in money and time than your regular bi-annual cleaning.

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