New or Old – Teeth are Teeth

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Are you in the market because you want that perfect smile? Look no further, at Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Las Colinas in Irving, Texas we offer a great variety of dentures customized to your smiling needs. We are sure many of you have a lot of questions as to what exactly are dentures. Are they real teeth? Do they stain? Will there be any long-term side effects? Rest assured, dentures behave just like your own natural teeth.

Basically, dentures are removable “fake” teeth that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile. Regardless of the cause of the loss of your natural teeth, such as:

  • gum disease,
  • tooth decay,
  • tooth injury,
  • tooth trauma,
  • poor oral hygiene,
  • or just bad luck

dentures will help by improving the appearance of your smile and your overall health. The main reason behind this is that dentures will make it easier for you to speak, eat, and also helps avoid any other diseases that can occur with exposed gum, i.e. gingivitis.

Here is the ugly – when you lose all of your teeth, your facial muscles can sag, making you look older, and we don’t want that! With the dentures in place, the gap areas can be filled, improving your facial profile. Also, with our customizable offers, we can provide you with the dentures that closely resemble your natural teeth. We don’t want you to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself.

Now, let us introduce you to the type of dentures. Overall, there are three, as follows:

  1. Conventional: these are completely removable dentures that are made specifically for your mouth. These are placed in your mouth after your ill teeth have been completely removed. These can take several months to complete because we have to wait for your scars and wounds to heal post resection.
  2. Immediate: these are removable dentures that are inserted right after the ill teeth have been removed. This is a same day and time operation, folks.  Dr. Naik will take the measurements and make models of your jaw in a previous visit so that they are ready for placement. The main perk of this option is that there is no down time between the removal of natural teeth and the insertion of a denture. The only down side is that once your jaw heals, we may have to make some adjustments.
  3. Overdenture: last, but not least. These dentures are used in situations when we have to preserve some of your natural teeth for jaw stability. This is necessary because sometimes the dentist may need the support of your existing tooth for the denture. This denture will fit over natural teeth that are remaining in your mouth. This happens after the dentist properly cleans and preps your natural teeth, and work as implants.

So, that is basically it, in a nutshell. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make an appointment, contact us today.