Oops! I chipped a tooth! Now what?

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Chipping a tooth can naturally lead some people into a panic, but not to worry, first things first, you should schedule an appointment with your nearby by Irving dentist. But for now, keep reading and we will answer your questions as to what to do next.

Depending on how bad the chip is and the way it occurred, we’ll usually determine whether any pain is felt. Typically, the chip itself will be responsible for pain if it is large enough to expose the inner nerves of the tooth. However, as a symptom of a chipped tooth, you may notice increased sensitivity or a small amount of pain when you are chewing or drinking either very cold or very hot beverage.

The causes

Enduring trauma to the tooth, such as being hit in the mouth or biting down strongly on something that is hard can cause a tooth to chip. Other than a trauma to the tooth, a chip can be caused by cavities, a bad bite, overall poor hygiene, or bruxism (a symptom of TMJ which can involve subconscious grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw).

What should I do if I chip my tooth?

If you have chipped your tooth, you will want to call and schedule an appointment with your nearest Irving dentist in order to have it prepared. It is important to make an appointment as soon as you notice the chip to ensure there will not be further damage done to the tooth and to ensure that you will not find yourself in pain later. If it is a front tooth, you will likely want to have the tooth repaired quite immediately for aesthetic purposes.

You should initially wash your mouth out with warm water. Depending on the severity of the tooth, you should make sure to place an ice pack on your cheeks or lips to help with swelling or pain. And if the tooth is bleeding make sure to hold gauze to it to help absorb and stop the blood. If you are unable to see a dentist immediately, then you should cover the chip in the tooth with dental cement to protect it until it can be repaired. You can likely find dental cement at your nearby drugstore.

How will my chipped tooth be treated?

If you have just a very small chip, your dentist will possibly be able to fix it just by polishing and smoothing the area. If the chip isn’t so small, and there has been damage to the tooth’s enamel, you may need to receive a filling, a crown, or a cap placed on the tooth. This covering is necessary to restore normal function, protection, and physical appearance of the tooth. If the chip is so large that it exposes the inner nerve of the tooth, then you will need to possibly have a root canal initially to remove the damaged nerve, and then a crown or cap placed over the chipped part of the tooth.

What now?

Here at Cosmetic and Family dentistry in Irving, our caring team of oral experts will be happy to help assess and repair your chipped tooth. We are a trusted and caring practice that can assist with all of your dentistry needs. Contact us today, and let us help to keep you smiling.