Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist During COVID-19 Surges?

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Communities around the world are feeling worried about the increasing COVID-19 cases as new variants are spreading. Every family must ask important questions to protect their loved ones, such as, is it safe to send my children to school? How can we minimize exposure in the workplace? Should we go to the dentist during COVID-19?

At this point, the goal is to find the right balance between protecting our families while also continuing to live our lives. So rest assured that even though the pandemic is ongoing, you can safely visit the doctor or dentist during COVID-19.

In fact, many people delayed their medical care last year because of the pandemic. Now that we are experiencing another wave of the virus, it doesn’t make sense to continue putting off essential healthcare services. COVID-19 doesn’t eliminate your need for checkups and health services. If it’s time for a dental cleaning and exam, then don’t delay scheduling an appointment.

Regular Dental Care to Protect Overall Health

Caring for your dental health is essential to protect your overall health as well. Not only should people of all ages be practicing good oral hygiene habits at home, but it’s also wise to be proactive about regular dental cleanings and addressing any dental problems that arise.

Good dental health starts with regular checkups. We offer full-service solutions to evaluate your dental health when you visit our office, including a visual exam, x-rays, and more.

Is it Safe to Go to the Dentist During COVID-19?

Even though the pandemic continues to be a concern, rest assured to know that it’s still safe to go to the dentist. According to the American Dental Association, COVID-19 rates among dentists have been low.

Initially, dentistry was thought to be a high-risk profession since the virus spreads through air particles. Patients can’t be masked during their dental appointments. Additionally, spraying water could potentially contribute to the spread of the virus through the air.

The good news is that modern dental offices have strategic practices in place to avoid spreading disease between staff and patients. Our dental office is following all recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the American Dental Association.

Through these steps, we are keeping patients and staff members as safe as possible. Safety measures include:

  • Mask wearing
  • Additional protective gear for staff members
  • Proper hand hygiene
  • Disinfecting services and tools more frequently
  • Replacing, cleaning, and covering tools between uses
  • Using dental dams and other tools to protect patient’s mouths during the appointments
  • Spacing out appointments
  • Health questionnaires before appointments
  • Limiting the number of people in the office
  • Minimizing everyday items people touch in the office, such as magazines and toys

Additionally, we are proactive about helping patients avoid unnecessary contact with others in the office. For example, you can wait outside until your dental chair is ready, minimizing the need to remain in the waiting room before you go back to the patient services area.

Dental Care: Start of the Pandemic vs. Now

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, dental offices and other businesses shut down for the safety of the public. Everyone was asked to stay home to help flatten the curve.

At the time, routine dental appointments were not happing. But dentists were still able to offer emergency services on an as-needed basis. At the time, the American Dental Association listed dental issues that are emergencies, such as:

  • Dental pain
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Tissue needing a biopsy
  • Broken teeth
  • Swelling in the mouth, gums, face, or neck
  • Pain and swelling (signs of infection)
  • Post-surgery care requiring dental assistance
  • Broken or lost crown
  • Trauma affecting the teeth or mouth
  • Pain from braces wires
  • Denture problems

During the initial weeks and months of the pandemic, routine care and cosmetic services were unavailable.

Now dental offices are open for business and back to regular routines. As mentioned above, we’ve increased our sanitation, and we are taking a proactive stance to protect patients as much as possible.

Are you overdue on your cleaning and exam because you were waiting for the pandemic to end? Or maybe you just haven’t made it a priority to schedule your dental cleaning this year. Either way, it’s a great time to book an appointment now that our office is back to business as usual.

Flexible Appointment Scheduling

If you have an appointment scheduled and are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, then we invite you to call us to reschedule your appointment. We’ll gladly accommodate your scheduling needs and encourage you to rest at home. You’re welcome to come back to our office when you are feeling well again.

Another reason you should reschedule your appointment is if you have recently been in contact with someone who has COVID-19. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, it’s possible to be an asymptomatic carrier. So, most people choose to get tested or wait before coming in contact with other people.

Also, our office is proactive about checking symptoms through health questionnaires. We ask patients and staff members about how they are feeling to see if anyone should be out of the office for the day.

When to Visit the Dentist

If you need to see a dentist, don’t ignore the problems you are experiencing. In many situations, timely treatments ensure optimal results in the long term. For example, healthy teeth don’t have issues such as infections or pain. If these symptoms are occurring, then you should talk to an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to be proactive about regular dental checkups and exams.

Yes, it is safe to go to the dentist during COVID-19. Dentists have always been practicing infectious disease control. As a result, we are continuing to offer our patients a safe environment for dental services. If you would like to learn more about our safety practices, then feel free to reach out to our office staff any time.

At Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Las Colinas, we are committed to helping you maintain the highest levels of health for the whole family. Call today to schedule an appointment so you can stay proactive about maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.