To See or Not to See – Clear Braces

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Having that perfect smile is not something unimaginable, infeasible, or even expensive! Now it is possible to even get that perfect smile without missing a perfect Kodak moment with clear braces. Clear braces are discrete and also resistant to discoloration and staining that traditional braces can cause on our teeth. In the modern world, it can be difficult to make time for monthly dental visits or the upkeep of braces, so clear braces will save you that hassle. Also, clear braces have been shown to work about 6 months faster than traditional braces.

Whereas most traditional or wired braces require someone to be a candidate, with clear braces anyone can be a candidate with a 24/7 protection. Clear braces work by improving the alignment of your teeth while also improving your smile! Another great perk of clear braces is that the procedure is quick and you can be in and out of the doctor’s office during your lunch break. Our dental team who is responsible for placing your clear braces has the proper training to understand your specific facial features for your unique smiling needs.

Another great advantage of clear braces is that they are much more comfortable than traditional braces. You do not have to worry about wires breaking and scratching your gums, for one, but you also do not have to worry about the constant fear of breaking a brace. Clear braces are gentle and do not need to be tightened regularly or supported by rubber bands that can break in your mouth. While you are contemplating which kinds of braces are the best fit for you, always remember to look at the big picture – the end result. With clear braces, you will not just have straight teeth, but also a smile that will last a lifetime.

Also, clear braces do not impair your speech or cause you to slur most of your words due to discomfort. With clear braces, you won’t embarrass yourself at work or at school by spitting into anyone’s face because you still have not become accustom to your new digs! Not that we 100% guarantee that, but we can say your odds are better. Lastly, clear braces are much easier to clean! No need to get food stuck in your braces or unwanted bacteria, ask your dentist about the easy and pain-free ways to clean up.

When your treatment is complete and your dentist gives you the great news that it is time for to part ways with your braces, there may be some alterations you have to make. Many teeth have the propensity to return to their original alignment, known as a relapse. This is to be accepted, and nothing to be worried about. Your dentist will speak to you about wearing the clear braces equivalent of a retainer, sometimes known as a splint.

Clear braces can be for you, so contact us at Cosmetic and Family Dentistry of Las Colinas in Irving, Texas today for more information. We are here for your dental needs in the DFW area to discuss your dental health and we will make it our priority to offer you and your loved ones the perfect dental plan.