5 Surprising Causes of Jaw Pain 

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Those who have suffered from jaw pain know that it can have a strong, negative effect on the way you live your life and go about your daily activities. If you are suffering or has suffered from jaw pain, then you may be wondering about the causes of it. There are many nerve endings connected to the jaw, so the pain can be triggered by various activities like brushing your teeth, eating, or chewing gum.

If you have been experiencing reoccurring jaw pain, you should see your dentist as soon as you can. You may discover that the cause of your jaw pain stems from one of these unexpected reasons.

#1 TMD

TMD stands for a temporomandibular joint disorder, but you may have heard it before as TMJ. This disorder impacts the joints that serve to connect the skull and the jawbone. It is one of the most common causes of jaw pain, and a surprising number of people are unaware they are living with it. TMD/TMJ can be a result of teeth grinding, which over time and in severe cases can completely ruin your teeth.

There are several different problems that can lead to this disorder, and they are typically related to dental and orthodontic issues. TMJ/TMD can also cause headaches, pain in the neck, and even pain up and down from the shoulders to the arms.

#2 Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is a major cause of jaw pain. Many people are unaware that they grind their teeth, as most commonly it happens at night while the person is asleep. However, it can also occur while the person is awake without them being aware as well. There are various reasons behind teeth grinding and they typically are a combination of physical, psychological, and genetic factors. Things like stress and anxiety, medication side effects, misaligned teeth, and Parkinson’s disease can all lead to teeth grinding and jaw pain.

 #3 Untreated cavities

Many people are surprised that cavities can cause jaw pain. If a cavity is bad enough, the infection of the tooth root can spread to tissues in the jaw bone causing mild to intense jaw pain.

#4 Gum disease

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is another cause of jaw pain. As the infection of the gum tissue occurs, the pain can spread, causing mild to severe jaw pain. Regularly seeing your dentist will ensure that any signs or symptoms of periodontitis (gum disease) are caught early on.

#5 Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, which typically grow from ages 17 to 25, can cause jaw pain as well.

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