Tips to Help Protect Your Beautiful Smile

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Let’s face it- it’s not easy to stay (and eat) healthy in general, especially during the cooler months. There are numerous sweet temptations that can affect your mouth, teeth, and overall health. This is true for kids and adults alike, as we all have a sweet tooth buried somewhere inside of us. With all the different food choices out there today, it can be difficult to maintain a smart oral health routine. However, it is imperative that you give yourself the gift of good oral health, at the start of the New Year and throughout the rest of the year. It is no secret that too much sugar can be devastating to your overall health, which includes your teeth, mouth, and gums.

While there is nothing wrong with indulging in a cookie or two, there are a few things you can do in order to keep those pearly whites shining year-round. By making an effort to stay on top of your oral health and make wise decisions when it comes to what you are putting into your body, you will be sure to enter into the New Year with a healthy mouth, attitude, and positive spirit. No one wants to start off the New Year with a cavity, are we right?

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can ensure you and your loved ones keep your smiles in tip-top shape throughout the year:

  • Maintain a routine. The number one eye to great oral hygiene is having – and maintaining – a routine. This means brushing and flossing at least two times a day, using mouthwash, and being thorough with your at-home oral care routine. The holidays are known for throwing us off our daily routine in many ways, but by making an effort to stick to your normal oral care routine, you will do your future self a major favor.
  • Snack smart. Don’t set lofty goals for yourself when it comes to eating and staying healthy, but do snack smart when you can. Choose foods that are healthy for you to counterbalance the cookies and other yummy treats you are sure to indulge in from time to time.
  • Pay attention to how many sugary foods you are eating. As we mentioned above, sugar is the arch nemesis of healthy teeth. While this doesn’t mean you need to refrain from consuming any sugar whatsoever, we encourage you to take note of how many sugary foods you are eating and cut back if necessary.
  • Moderation, moderation, moderation. The key to maintaining your oral health after the holidays? Moderation. Take part in all the holidays and other celebrations, but do so in moderation. Have a cookie, drink a glass of wine, and eat your favorite foods, but be smart about it and don’t overindulge.

The New Year is a time to regroup and think about what lies ahead and what you can change in order to become a better, healthier version of yourself. However, this time of year can wreak havoc on our oral health if we aren’t careful. Take the above tips into consideration and have yourself a wonderful year – with a beautiful smile and healthy mouth!

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