Trick-or-treat: Save your teeth!  

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While Halloween is a very exciting time for your children, and even for the whole family, it can also be a not-so-exciting time for your children’s dental health. While we don’t want to deprive our kids of candy on Halloween, it is important to consider the damage that chewy and sugary candy does to their teeth. If you want to enjoy your trick-or-treat candy this year, you still can, but try following these tips as they may help you and your kids keep a healthier smile after the Halloween fun is done.

  1. Consume Halloween candy in moderation
    The most important and easiest way to avoid dental damage is to consume less sugary sweets. Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of teeth and most prominent causes of tooth decay and cavities. Be smart and avoid eating or letting your kids eat an entire bag of candy in one night, but rather limit intake to 2 to 3 pieces each night. Not only will this help save your smiles, but your kids may be happy in that they will find their candy lasting a lot longer.
  2. Consume Halloween candy after meals
    Another really great tip for consuming Halloween sweets, is to make sure you do so after a meal. Not only does this help limit the frequency of consumption, but there are a few scientific factors involved as well. When we eat a meal, our mouths produce more saliva, and saliva is huge saver when it comes to preventing tooth decay. It helps to dissipate the bacteria that cause tooth decay and erosion as it works to aid in digestion and ridding your mouth of food particles. Eating candy while your mouth is in full-on saliva producing mode will help a bit in the prevention of cavities.
  3. Choose your candy wisely
    If you can, it is best to avoid super sugary and hard, chewy candies. Said candies are typically the most dangerous for your teeth. The more sugar, the better chances of cavities, and the harder and chewier the candy, the higher the risk of cracking a tooth or destroying previous dental work in your mouth.
  4. Consume more water
    Water is a big help for oral health, and of course overall health. Choose water that is fluoridated as it helps to prevent tooth decay. Ensure that while your children are eating their Halloween candy that you limit or completely eliminate sugary drinks, such as juices and sodas. Stick to water to help ensure better dental health for you and your family this Halloween.
  5. Clean your teeth properly
    Another tip, and one of the most important all year round, is to make sure that you and your family are cleaning your teeth properly. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, for 2 minutes, as well as flossing daily. Try and enforce healthy dental habits in your k ids from a young age to ensure they carry these traits through, saving you both time and money in the future. Also, remember the importance of seeing your dentist at least every six months for a check-up and cleaning. That includes taking your kids in to see a pediatric dentist in Las Colinas regularly as well. 

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