What is bone grafting?

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If you are missing a tooth, or maybe several, your Irving dentist may have suggested that you consider getting dental implants to replace the missing teeth. Dental implants are an excellent way to regain the physical feel and aesthetic look of your teeth, mouth, and smile. The implants look, feel, and function the same as your natural teeth, and will go unnoticed by onlookers of your smile. If you are considering getting dental implants, you are likely asking questions about the procedure and oral surgery. When attending your consultation with your family dentist, you may have been informed of the possibility of needing a bone graft for your dental implants, and if so, you may be wondering what exactly that is… So, let’s talk about it.

There are technically three pieces involved when it comes to a dental implant. The first piece is the metal cylinder that functions similarly to a natural root of a tooth and is placed into the jaw bone. The second piece is that of the screw that goes into this metal cylinder. After these two pieces are inserted, the crown will be placed on top the screw, which will be the piece that creates the appearance of a tooth.

Bone grafts may sound scary, but they aren’t so bad. The procedure is routine and generally painless. And in the long run, you will want to have this done to get the best value out of your dental implants. If your jaw bone is too thin or too soft, your dentist may need to consider executing a dental bone graft for the implementation. It is necessary that the jaw bone be able to support the implant, otherwise, the surgery could fail. In these cases where the jaw bone is too thin or too soft to support the implant, bone grafting will be necessary.

In the bone grafting procedure, the surgeon will first take a special bone grafting material and then graft it onto the weak or thin part of the jaw bone where the implants must go. Your body will then need to take the time to heal over a couple of months in order for the graft to take place and form a stronger new bone. Once the strong bone has formed the dental implant surgery can take place. It is, however, possible though that if the bone grafting needs are minor, that this can be done simultaneously with the actual dental implant surgery.

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