Third-Party Financing Options to Consider


This credit card is designed to pay for healthcare expenses, offering patients a flexible solution for financing medical treatments and services. When you visit for an appointment, it’s easy to pay the invoice using the credit card. Then, you choose a CareCredit repayment plan that breaks the monthly payments down into small, manageable installments. There are no prepayment penalties or requirements for upfront payments.


This financing solution is available through a personal lender. First, submit your application online. Once the loan is approved, your money is deposited into your bank account. There are repayment solutions with a longer payment timeline, giving you the option to settle the balance with little or no interest costs. LendingClub works similarly to CareCredit in that there are no requirements for upfront payments. Also, you will not be charged any prepayment penalties.


Another personal lending option is available through SunBit. You need to complete the application at the SunBit location, then the loan is deposited into your bank account directly. There are many flexible repayment solutions available, including interest rate options and variations for the length of the loan. Additionally, patients can get started with minimal out-of-pocket expenses at the time of application, with a small deposit or no deposit.