If you live with TMJ, you might wake up every morning with soreness and tightness in your jaw. Not only does TMJ affect the jaw joint, but the grinding and clenching can also result in tooth damage. If you suffer from bruxism, then it’s likely that your dentist will recommend a common TMJ treatment: wearing a night guard while you sleep.

How It Works: Dental Night Guards

Even though night guards aren’t a cure for grinding and clenching, they can be helpful in mitigating the negative symptoms. Using a night guard is a great way to alleviate headaches and jaw muscle soreness while preventing complications like broken teeth and more.

The night guard is custom-designed to match the size and shape of your mouth. You wear the dental appliance while sleeping to avoid clenching and grinding. The night guard separates your top and lower teeth

Store-Bought vs. Custom Dental Night Guards

You want to alleviate these TMJ symptoms, so you might consider buying a generic night guard at the local drug store. But the truth is that these cheaper alternatives don’t offer the same benefits as a custom-fit dental night guard. In fact, these over-the-counter night guards can actually cause more issues because the improper fit can misalign your bite.

On the other hand, a custom-fit dental guard uses durable materials and a personalized design to optimize the results. These professional night guards are made with durable, quality materials and help promote the ideal jaw positioning while sleeping.

The goal of wearing a night guard is to relax the jaw muscles, which minimizes the symptoms of TMJ during the day. Even though there is an upfront cost for a custom-fit night guard, it’s worth the investment because of the improvements you will enjoy.

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