Cosmetic and Family Dentistry of Las Colinas offers patients the option of sedation for their dental treatment or procedure. We understand that undergoing oral health treatments can be quite stressful and anxiety-inducing, which is why we believe in providing you with options that will help you feel comfortable and at ease. On the other hand, if you have concerns about being sedated or nitrous oxide, we are happy to answer your questions and will do our best to provide you with information to make you feel better about this.

One of the things that sets our Irving dental clinic apart from other dental practices is that we are committed to creating a personalized dental plan for you, which may include sedation. It is our goal to help each and every patient who walks through our doors feel at ease and prepared for their appointment. Dr. Anup Naik strives to listen to his patient’s concerns and make adjustments accordingly. We want you to have a relaxing and worry-free dental care experience, so please do not hesitate to bring up your sedation and nitrous oxide concerns during your next appointment.


It is important to note that there are various levels of sedation and routes of administration. Because every patient is different, we do not believe in one single solution to sedation. Patient safety is a top priority of ours and we always make sure to go over the risks, benefits, and alternatives before deciding on sedation for your dental treatment or procedure. Here now is a look at some of our Dallas dental sedation services:

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) – Nitrous oxide is perhaps the most well-known type of sedation in dentistry. It allows you to relax during treatment and go about your normal activities as soon as you are done. It is often recommended for cases of mild to moderate anxiety and can be administered through an inhaler into your nose. Whether you are in for a porcelain veneer or an extreme smile makeover, nitrous oxide may be just what you need in order to relax and let Dr. Naik work his magic.
  • Other Sedation Options – In addition to nitrous oxide, the following sedation options may be available to you:
    Oral sedation – This is highly effective for many cases of dental anxiety and will help facilitate a stress-free experience
    IV sedation – If nitrous oxide and oral sedation aren’t doing the trick, then IV sedation may be what you need in order to feel calm and comfortable. Sometimes referred to as “twilight sedation”, IV sedation is designed to help you undergo your dental procedures without any fear

For questions about your sedation options, please feel free to contact our Las Colinas dental clinic today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and will do everything we can to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

Dr. Naik is a perfectionist and, as one of the top 10 dentists in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, he is committed to providing his patients with options that will get at the root of the problem and leave them with a happy and healthy smile. Over the years Dr. Naik has heavily invested in his technology and education, which when used together are an unstoppable force. Here at Cosmetic and Family Dentistry of Las Colinas, we focus on relationship building and ensuring our patients are happy and comfortable with their dental experiences. The entire staff at our Irving dental clinic is willing to go above and beyond and help you understand all your sedation and nitrous oxide options. Whether you are curious about sedation in order to deal with dental anxiety and fear concerns or feel uneasy about being sedated, we are here to answer your questions.

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