5 signs you have a healthy mouth

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Maintaining your mouth’s health is extremely important, especially if you want to prevent future problems as you age. Many people neglect their mouth and fail to follow all the rules and guidelines that their dentist sets in place for them. But having a healthy mouth is important for multiple reasons. The most relevant reasons being that it is how we as humans eat, chew, and taste our food, it is our smile, which is a representation of who we are. It is important to take care of your mouth, your teeth, gums, tongue, and lips. And you should be consistently visiting your dentist for a bi-annual checkup and dental cleaning in Irving. Maybe you are wondering whether or not you have a healthy mouth, in which, if you do, you will likely have the following signifiers

#1 Gums that do not bleed when flossing or brushing

If your gums easily bleed when flossing or brushing, this is a sign of under cared for, weak gums that may have an unhealthy amount of oral bacteria. If gums are not properly taken care of, it is more likely that you will experience gum disease or other oral-related issues in the near future. If your gums are not quick to bleed when flossing and brushing, this means they are likely healthy.

#2 Gums that are pink in color

Another thing to look out for when it comes to the gums is the color. Healthy gums should be pink in color, not bright red or pale. If your gums are bright red this is likely an indication of an overgrowth of bacteria and you are at a much higher risk for gum disease. If your gums are pale or white in color, it could be a sign of anemia. In either case, you will want to make sure to see a doctor.

#3 Strong, White Teeth

If you have strong teeth, then it is a sign of a healthy mouth. If your teeth are free from cavities and other dental problems or diseases and aligned properly, then they are strong and this is a sign of great mouth health. Strong, healthy teeth will also not appear dark yellow or brown in color, but in a natural looking white shade. They will not be sensitive, and they will have a smooth texture.

 #4 Pleasant Breath

Having bad breath is an important indicator of an unhealthy mouth. If your breath is consistently unpleasant it could be a sign of overgrowth of bacteria and plaque in the mouth. If you regularly brush and floss your teeth as well as consistently see your dentist for checkups and cleanings then you will likely have healthy, neutral, and pleasant breath. 

#5 Healthy Oral Tissues

Our mouths are made up of oral tissues. When these tissues are healthy, they are pink in color and moist. If you have any painful sores, sensitivity or tenderness, this could be an indicator of unhealthy tissues

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